What’s In A Name?

Founder, CEO, and President, Doug Ingros, grew up as a Navy brat before serving in the Army for twenty-six years. While attending high school in Beaver, Pennsylvania, he and his friends used to race along Dutch Ridge Road, or ‘The Ridge’ as it was affectionately called, for some weekend fun.

Many women and men who serve our country in a variety of uniforms come from similar communities. Our name is a tribute to all the veterans who come from the boroughs, townships, and cities across the US. We recognize all the sons and daughters who so gallantly served in the armed forces, local and federal law enforcement, and first responders. All of them have their own Dutch Ridge Road in their past, inspiring them to give back.

Our Team

Our leadership (corporate) team averages over ten years of experience in running and operating small businesses. We understand the value proposition and the delivery that must go into it. We have been on both sides of the fence. Our commitment is to support the mission first while always operating at a legal and regulatory-compliant level. Integrity is everything!

Many members of our team serve second careers in the business community providing solutions to commercial and federal customers. They come from careers as senior military officers, FBI agents, senior IT experts, and intelligence agency personnel with functional experience in law enforcement, criminal investigations, anti-terrorism, counterterrorism, force protection, fraud investigations, and security backgrounds.

Our Vision

Deliver proven, highly capable, and dedicated industry professionals that offer solutions to commercial and government clients with focus on solving problems. With an ever-increasing threat to IT infrastructure, outside intrusion, physical operating environments, and personnel security risks—we apply mission-focused experts with the proper career experience in a no-nonsense approach that addresses our client’s needs.

Our Values

Integrity matters.  Our employees are our calling card. Our primary source for hiring and staffing is from the community of professionals that have served in our nation in positions of trust. Guided by an inherent belief in ethical conduct, we will continuously strive to do what is required and sustain our standing within our community. We do what we say we will do—period.

Unique Small Business Capabilities  

SBA-Approved Mentor-Protégé:  Ernst and Young, LLP (EY) 

Team Areas of Focus

Document and Data Management – The Team has current, large-scale engagements with both Government and Commercial Clients, providing: 

    • Collection and Preservation of ESI from DON installation and other government facilities. 
    • Collection and Preservation of ESI from On-premises, Cloud, and proprietary systems. 
    • Preservation of all evidentiary metadata. 
    • Processing of Electronic and Paper documents using industry best practices and best-of-breed software that assure the admissibility of potential evidence. 
    • Preparation of “blowback” copies of ESI for use in investigations, depositions, and trials. 
    • Storage of all ESI and physical documents Document Storage in secure facilities. 
    • Encryption at rest for all ESI. Encryption in transit for all disseminated ESI. 
    • Disposition of all physical and electronic information in compliance with Federal, DoD, DoN requirements.

Third Party Risk Management – The team enables better decision-making, reduces costs and saves time so our clients can focus on higher-value priorities.

e-Forensics / e-Discovery – The team helps clients plan and prepare, particularly those in highly regulated industries, address inherent inefficiencies and risks in their legal and regulatory compliance processes. 

Internal Corporately-Owned Development Lab

DRCG has a high-performance hyper-converged infrastructure housed in a strategically located Data Center in Northern Virginia.

The facility is situated on a secure campus with security provided by CCTV and biometric access controls. HVAC, power, and building critical systems are managed and monitored 24x7x365. 

The data center is compliant to SOC2, PCI-DSS, ISO27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, NIST SP800-53 and the system is NIST SP 800-181 compliant and can provide NIST SP 800-53 security level if needed.