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security-servicesWe provide mission support and solutions to improve decision-making, solve problems, and achieve goals. To us, integrity is everything. That is why we will never promise you the world. We work as a seamless extension of your team to develop custom solutions that easily integrate into your business. You gain access to strategic partners in numerous segments with a dedicated team of experts with functional experience in law enforcement, criminal investigations, anti-terrorism, counterterrorism, force protection, fraud investigations, and security backgrounds. Our solutions are customized to the needs of your mission. Whether your problem is in cyber security, personnel threat, or it is a question of policy and regulatory compliance, we are focused and dedicated to help you defend your assets.


Insider Threat

With industry and federal government agency experience, our experts practice the very latest in Insider Threat mitigation. We establish programs to protect critical assets, collect and analyze information, stop malicious threats to an organization that come from within, and much more.

We specialize in:

  • Policy and regulatory development, compliance, and advisement
  • Human capital verification, monitoring, and protection
  • IT system security, threat mitigation, and regulatory compliance
  • Physical security assessment, implementation, and monitoring
  • Program creation to detect, deter, and respond
  • Recognize and report strategies

IT Solutioning

Our IT solutioning is practical and hardware/software agnostic. Our approach maximizes your investments by leveraging our expertise to manage growth and transition an IT environment to greater security and reduced risk, enabling technology to better serve your business needs while increasing productivity. We navigate clients through complex technology choices to reduce cost and improve effectiveness and, tailoring solutions to provide predictable results and efficient implementation. Our solutions include:

Our solutions include:

  • Information assurance
  • Infrastructure security and strategy implementation
  • Data storage, analysis, and migration
  • IT operations and maintenance
  • Business transformation and process management
  • Structured technology management programs

Cyber Security

We provide comprehensive cyber security support in strategic communications and operations, engineering, project management, security, operations center, policy, planning, and FISMA. Our expertise in cyber supply chain risk management enables us to create secure cyber environments and a Plan of Actions and Milestones to protect a computer, against unauthorized access or attacks. We provide this service to the FBI, DoD, and commercial clients. We offer:

We offer:

  • Cyber monitoring and response
  • Cyber forensics
  • Cybersecurity support services and solutions
  • Development and implementation of recommend solutions
  • Program management support

Project Management

We bring unparalleled project management experience and results-driven solutions. Our experienced team is ready to support your projects and ensure their success through our unique experience, knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques. We provide quality management assistance with direct responsibility for leadership, guidance, oversight, and daily communication.  

We will work with you in the following areas:

  • Evaluation of scope, required resources, timeline, and cost
  • Quality management
  • Status reporting – service and financial
  • Preparation of monthly contract status reports
  • Monthly contract status briefings

Consulting Services

We provide in-depth consulting support to clients in the proposal, acquisition, and federal contract arenas. We have the experience to help navigate your company through these complex processes while assisting with strategy, security, teaming, pricing decisions, and much more.

We will assist you with:

  • Proposal support and staffing
  • Capture planning
  • Talent acquisition and strategic teaming
  • Federal contracting
  • Contract pricing
  • Management and strategic planning
  • IT and technology

Credentials/ Certifications

  • N-DEx
  • GSA IT-70

Contract # GS35F583GA


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