Security, Administration and Business Reporting

An innovation to the marketplace

SABR brings automation to the personnel assignment portion of your workflow process so you can save time and focus on the big-picture. Intuitive by design and demonstrated to provide enormous cost savings, SABR is a self-driving tool that integrates selecting the correct employee to perform the appropriate task into your existing work processes by assessing time, cost, and availability. Through Smart Selection, SABR reviews the capabilities and functionalities of your workforce in seconds to make the most logical choice for task assignment to a professional and geographically dispersed workforce.

The best part? It aligns with your efficiencies internal processes and integrates with your existing systems and third-party apps for overall clarity.

Deliver more work with
accurate planning and
better processes
See and manage every resource, across every project, at every stage all in one place
Easily allocate work based on skills, location, strategic objectives, and value
Reduce human error, avoid deviations, and manage any size case load with an easy to use interface

Manage all your sensitive data
in one secure place

Work assignments are automatically processed by a cost-effective, high-security system that can be easily adapted for a number of different workflows and environments.

Automate operational tasks, business practices, case handling, staffing, billing and more
Create, assign, and enforce policies by group or individual
Streamline your case documentation and export final reports in seconds 
Collect, process, analyze, review, and report on vast amounts of data

Focus more on your people
And less on the paperwork

SABR greatly improves the efficiency of all team members while compiling reports,  documents,  records, and virtually any item that can be digitized. Now you can avoid time consuming administration with consistent process management.  Access, assign, and share everything in one system rather than on your to-do list.

Save time with automated reports, predefined case reports, templates, and automated updates
Move things along with notifications and reminders
Streamline communications across departments and multiple geographic locations
Monitor your business performance and find answers in seconds with real-time data and smart filters

Say goodbye to bottlenecks
And slow approval processes

Make important, strategic decisions promptly and with confidence.  SABR provides simple reporting and analytics that you can create and share quickly. Make sure that each stage of your processes are completed at the right time, by the right people with custom workflows.

Gain minute-by-minute control over your projects
Solve problems and follow-up on decisions faster
Keep your hiring process moving quickly, efficiently, and successfully with applicant tracking.
View progress and nudge people to complete tasks via tracking dashboard

Visualize your workforce potential

SABR workflow automation helps you make sure tasks are completed in a timely manner, while ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Cut out the administrative work and streamline the decision-making process. Increase your employee productivity and get intelligent insights to create deeper employee engagement

Monitor how you’re racing against time, budget, and margins anytime from anywhere 
Increase visibility and control over resourcing
Visualize availability by skill
and capacity
Eliminate surprises at the end of the quarter and understand obstacles right away
SABR is scalable to any work task, and operable in a non-secure environment, up to a High FISMA compliance level.
Health care
Commercial services
Human Resources

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